Ouch is the eightieth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 28th January, 2004

Summary: Skoo’s latest animation reveals why there’s no Weebl and Bob animation this week.

Tune: 3000 - Busted

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{The text "welcome 2 a SKOO special" spins onscreen.}

NARRATOR: Welcome to a Skoo special.

{A badly drawn Weebl waves at the viewer wearing an "I am weebl" shirt.}

SKOO: Weebl cannot make an animation this week as he as damaged his arm. How, you may ask has he damaged his arm?

{A shot of a well with an old style film effect and a person coming out of the well. "7 days" quickly flashes on the screen.}

SKOO: Well, I can tell you,

{Cut to a drawing of skoo with the text "Me Skoo, strong manly arms, smokes a pipe [suave], riped body".}

SKOO: He damaged, his arm, whilst snowboarding.

{Cut to the text "That aging fool did it snowboarding".}

SKOO: And it looked, a little something, like this.

WEEBL: Woo. I'm busting a fat move, wicked sick style! Check it out! Cheesesack. BAM. Tripple word score. That's worth... Two points!

{A whale falls from the sky and lands on Weebl.}

WEEBL: {muffled} Ow! My spleen or arm! Arm!

{Cut to a picture of James Bourne.}

SKOO: So that is why Weebl will not be animating today. Instead, I, the magnificent Skoo dedicate this animation to Busted.

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