Parallel is the seventy second episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 2nd October, 2004

Summary: Bob finally brings back pie! But where on earth did he get it from?

Tune: Witness the Fitness - Roots Manuva

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: {singing} When I saw your pie. I knew I wanted to eat it... girl.

{Bob rolls onscreen carrying a pie.}

BOB: Catchy.

WEEBL: Lo Bob.

BOB: Hupf!

{Bob throws the pie in front of Weebl.}

BOB: Lo.

{Weebl drools and Bob seems pleased with himself.}

WEEBL: You bringed back pie!

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Where you get pie?

BOB: The trans-dimensional portal under the stairs.

WEEBL: We have stairs?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Where?

BOB: Over the trans-dimensional portal.

{We flip to see the transdimensional portal under the stairs, inside the portal is tons of pies.}

WEEBL: Blimey!

{From the left and right of the trans-dimensional portal appears Mirror Weebl and Mirror Bob, both wearing black hats and donning goaties}


{We change to look at Weebl and Bob starring at the portal}

WEEBL: They look exactlys like us!

BOB: Except for the goaties. and the mountain of pie behind them.

{Zoom into Bob.}

BOB: And those stylish hats.

{Weebl is now donning a "PORK GRITS" foam hat.}

WEEBL: Eh hem!

BOB: I said stylish.

{Mirror Weebl and Mirror Bob look back at the real Weebl and Bob.}

MIRROR WEEBL: They're exactlys like us!

MIRROR BOB: Except for the acne.

{A large burst of flatulence is heard.}

MIRROR WEEBL: And the flatulence.

MIRROR BOB: That was me.

MIRROR WEEBL: Sweet monkey tuesdays! They have one of our pies!

{Mirror Bob holds a grenade, flips the pin and throws it through the trans-dimensional portal. A large explosion is heard.}

MIRROR BOB: Not any more.

{Weebl and Bob are covered in soot, and the pie has been destroyed.}

WEEBL: Noooooo!! The pie Bob! Why the pie? Why bob? Why?

BOB: Pie corrupts. Absolute pie corrupts absolutely.

WEEBL: Book club still paying off then?

BOB: Yes.

{We move back to Mirror Weebl and Mirror Bob.}

MIRROR WEEBL: Nice work.


MIRROR WEEBL: Your pastry assassination classes are paying off then.

MIRROR BOB: Hehe. You said ass.


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