Parsley Boobs Episode 1 is the first in a series of toons about Carl Honduras and Minky Steve's adventures.

Posted: 13th April, 2007

Summary: Part 1 of the Parsley Boobs saga.

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{Carl Honduras is in a bathroom washing his face}

CARL HONDURAS: {singing} I'm washing my face.

{Minky Steve is washing his face in the toilet.}

MINKY STEVE: {singing} I'm washing mine too!

{Cut to space. Carl is floating in an astronaut suit.}

CARL HONDURAS: {singing} I got mine from space.

{Cut back to the bathroom. Minky is washing his face with feces.}

MINKY STEVE: {singing} Mine's covered in poo.

{Cut to a green diamond-patterned screen with the words "Parsley Boobs" growing larger on it.}

BOTH: Parsley Boobs!

{Cut to a newsroom where the pair are sitting behind a desk}

CARL HONDURAS: Good evening. I'm Carl Honduras.

MINKY STEVE: And I'm Minky Steve!

CARL HONDURAS: And this is The Nine O'Clock-


{text slowly scrolls beneath a picture of a fork reading 'The Chantal Serving Fork: $17.95. The Oval Serving Fork like many Chantal...'}

MINKY STEVE: I really do love The Nine O'Clock Fork.

CARL HONDURAS: Oh, yes, it's what keeps our society together.

MINKY STEVE: Do you want to do something after work?

CARL HONDURAS: Ooh! Can we go to the park?!

{Cut to the pair, skipping through the park and holding hands}

MINKY STEVE: I've been thinking about the future a lot.

CARL HONDURAS: I prefer the past.

MINKY STEVE: What happens there?

CARL HONDURAS: Let's find out....RIGHT NOW!

MINKY STEVE: Right now!


MINKY STEVE: {singing} Brilliant!

CARL HONDURAS: After we finish skipping practice, of course.

MINKY STEVE: Well, of course.

{Cut to a rainbow vortex, through which Steve and Carl are flying in the pouch of a giant pink rabbit trailing rainbows}

MINKY STEVE: Wheeeeeeee! {singing} Time-travelling is fabulous!

CARL HONDURAS: Stupid plan.... Next time we take my time machine!

{Cut to Carl's drive where the Time Crapper, a heavily armed tank, is sitting}

MINKY STEVE: You're just upset because I got to drive!

CARL HONDURAS: I get time-sick if I don't!

MINKY STEVE: {offering Carl a cup of tea} Would you like some soothing tea?

CARL HONDURAS: {Slaps the teacup out of Steve's hand} ......Yes.

{Cut to a chamber where Leonardo Da Vinci stands proud}

LEONARDO DA VINCI: Ah, success! I have invented the fork! Society will be changed forever! Now all I must do is tell someone about- {Steve's tea emerges from a vortex and the saucer is embedded in his head} BLEEAGH! Oh no, I am dying.

{The fork is shown in Da Vinci's hand in close-up as blood pools around the body. A dramatic chord plays as the scene fades, leaving the words 'To Be Continued'}

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