Pikea is the sixty fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 28th May, 2004

Summary: Weebl and Bob take a drive out to Pikea to pick up a few pie related bargains.

Tune: Eastenders Theme - Simon May

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

BOB: I bored!

WEEBL: Let's go to pikea.

BOB: But it so busy. I'm nervous.

WEEBL: Don't be Bob. I have a VIP card.

BOB: I don't think that valid there.

WEEBL: Why not?

BOB: It for the cake lounge.

{We see Weebl's card, The Cake Lounge Customer Loyalty Card - all you can eat battenburg buffet.}

WEEBL: Shut up and get the car.

{Both Weebl and Bob are in Bob's car, travelling. They stop behind another car with Corn Man inside, a sign behind the car saying "PIKEA - next turning"}

WEEBL: Not long now.

{Time passes, it's the evening.}

WEEBL: I spy with my sexy eye... somethings begin with 's'.

BOB: Is it 'sign'?

WEEBL {in a thought bubble} Arse fez! Err... no. No it isn't.

BOB: Yes it is!

WEEBL: How you know?

BOB: 'Sign' only word you can spell.

{Time passes again, Weebl and Bob are tired, as the moon shines in the background.}

WEEBL: I can spell 'beefs' too.

BOB: But you can't see any beefs.

WEEBL: I hate being beef blind.

{Time passes and dawn is approaching. Both Weebl and Bob are asleep in the car. Another time jump and the sun is shining brightly, Weebl and Bob are sweating.}

WEEBL: It very hot.

{The sun shines on the window of Corn Mam's car.}

CORN MAN: Huh? Argh!!

{Suddenly, he spontanously pops and turns into popcorn.}

WEEBL: Pass me the salt.

BOB: It in the glove box, with the butters.

WEBBL: Why you got butter in the car?

BOB: Um. We need to get to pikea.

{With that, Bob rams his car into the other one, moving it.}

{They are outside a large warehouse, the words Pikea is large lettering.}

BOB: Finally.

WEEBL: The pies will soon be mine!

TANNOY: Pikea will be closing in five minutes.

{Drums beat at the end of the episode, zooming in and out of Weebl and Bob outside of Pikea.}

{Letters appear on screen stating "will weebl & bob make it inside pikea?" and finally "TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT"}

NARRATOR: Next time on Weebl and Bob

{Weebl and Bob are in their normal purple background. The words "next time on weebl and bob" in the bottom right corner}

WEEBL: We made it inside pikea.

BOB: Phew.

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