Pikea2 is the sixty sixth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 9th June, 2004

Summary: With the help of Mister Translation, Weebl and Bob find just what they're looking for! Featuring Kernal as Mr Translation 1973.

Tune: Eastenders Theme - Simon May

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: We made it inside pikea!

BOB: Phew.

{Bob looks around.}

BOB: Where the pie at?

WEEBL: Ahh. Here, everything wrote in swedish!

BOB: Skit ocksa!

{Mr Translation 1973 comes onscreen.}


WEEBL: Vad i helvete ar du det du sager?

MR TRANSLATION: What the hell are you saying?

BOB: Jag vet inte.

MR TRANSLATION: I do not know.

{Mr Translation disappears.}

WEEBL: We are looking for 'kott och lokpaj'.


{The camera does a close up on Weebl.}

WEEBL: To the beef section!

{The scene changes. A large golden pie glints on a roman podium with a price tag saying: kott och lokpaj 10592/2}

WEEBL: Mmmm! The pie!

BOB: Mmmmmmm!

WEEBL: We'll take 12 please!

SHOPKEEP: This is just for display, sirs. You need the warehouse.

WEEBL: We not have a house.


WEEBL: We don't have one.

BOB: So we can't tell you where.

SHOPKEEP: Where what?

WEEBL: {angry} Where the house is!

SHOPKEEP: No! Warehouse!

BOB: Look. We already explained this!Weebl: He's sassing me bob. Calm down.

WEEBL: Look here frenchy...

SHOPKEEP: I'm local actually.

WEEBL: Just tell us where to get the pie. Or I'll make you wear my bum as a cap.

BOB: And you don't want that! seriously.

WEEBL: right. For the last time, to get the pie I need to go to the?...

SHOPKEEP: Warehouse.


{The screen goes blank. Then it reveals Weebl stuck on top of Shopkeep's head.}

WEEBL: Urrrgggghhhh. I not feel so good.

BOB: Me told you to take his hat off first.

{Shopkeep shakes his head to try and get Weebl off.}

WEEBL: Stop that.

{The screen again turns blank.}

NARRATOR: Will Weebl and Bob ever get inside the warehouse? Will Bob ever reach puberty? Tune in next time to find out... next time on weebl and bob.

WEEBL: We made it inside pikea.

BOB: Yes.

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