Pikea3 is the sixty seventh episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 25th June, 2004

Summary: Its a flat packed nightmare as Weebl and Bob discover they should have read the instructions first. Typical men!

Tune: Eastenders Theme - Simon May

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{A sign saying "WAREHOUSE" is hanging above and Bob is wearing his grandma's wig.}

WEEBL: We made it into the warehouse!

BOB: {deep voiced} yes.

{Weebl looks puzzled.}

WEEBL: What you doing?

BOB: Trying to look older.

WEEBL: Is that your grans wig?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Thought it smelt of wee.

BOB: I'll take it off.

{Weebl looks around.}

WEEBL: What the...?

{On the shelf is flatpacked boxes of "Paj Chicken", with the sign underneath saying "56 PAJ".}

WEEBL: {off screen} All pies are flat packed. It just not right.

BOB: But look at it. As far as you can see there nothing but paj-ers.

WEEBL: Paj-ers?

BOB: Paj-ers!

WEEBL: Paj-ers?

BOB: Paj-ers!

WEEBL: Paj-ers?

BOB: Paj-ers!

{Both Weebl and Bob are looking at boxers of flatpacked pajers.}

WEEBL: Aah. Paj-ers.

BOB: Why you got mushroom ones?

WEEBL: It just seemed right.


WEEBL: To the house!

BOB: We don't have one.

WEEBL: Oh yeah. To the batcave!

{A logo of Batman appears, with Weebl's face, and the old classic TV series music flashes on.}

WEEBL: {on the batman sign} Uurgh.

{Weebl and Bob are in the batcave with a box of Paj-ers.}

BOB: Why do they call it the bat cave?

{Some feces lands on Bob's head.}

WEEBL: No idea. Let's build some pie!

{Weebl has instructions whilst Bob is inside the Pikea box.}

BOB: {singing} I'm in the box! I'm in the box! where can I be? I'm in the box!

WEEBL: Stop messing about and help.

BOB: I would help... but I'm in the box. Do you see?

WEEBL: Oh yes. Silly me. I forgot we just bought a big box of wanker.

{We see Weebl welding the box.}

WEEBL: That's the box welded shut.

BOB: Aww!

WEEBL: Now we will build the pie!

BOB: How do you even weld cardboard?

{Various noises later, Weebl and Bob are rocking in their batcave with a large pie with a laser in the middle of it.}

WEEBL: Hmmm. Correct me if I wrong Bob. But shouldn't pies be more... pie-like?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: What is it?

BOB: It a conundrum wrapped in an enigma... wrapped in pastry, wrapped in a lie.

WEEBL: Yes... but what is it?

BOB: A pastry covered laser?

WEEBL: {screaming} Damn you sweden!

{With that, the pie bursts out a large laser beam, which goes straight up into space, hits the satellite and bounces back down to Earth taking a large chunk out of Sweden.}

BOB: {offscreen} Nice shot.

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