Poet is the forty third episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 26th August, 2003

Summary: Weebl turns his, err, hand to poetry. But is he good enough to keep the audience enterained?

Tune: Beatpoet - Bobleur's House Band

Credits: Weebl, Skoo, and Darling

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is in a spotlight with a hat and sunglasses on. He's in front of a microphone.}

WEEBL: I welcome you all to this poetry reading. My name weebl. And here a few poem I written. Mr. Bassman. When you ready. In your own time. we are born to this earth. Like pie in my belly. One day it will leave. And come out smelly.

{A small round of applause is heard.}

WEEBL: Thank you. Thank you. I call this next one... Divine. Golden pastry is so sweet. It's texture is divine. If I keep on scheming. The pie will soon be mine!

{Another round of applause from the audience.}

WEEBL: Mmmmmm. Burnt pie! Decay! Burnt pie! Oh my eyes. When they see burnt pies... they change in size! Oh those pies! Those burnt pies! Why?

{The crowd starts to roar.}


{We see Bob behind the curtain.}

BOB: He's flipping out man! Get him off stage!

{A hook comes from the left of the stage, and takes Weebl's top half and drags it off.}

WEEBL: {without top half} I can still talk! Though I sound a bit stupid. Anyway... with my head gone I look like a bowl. Which could hold pie. That is my goal. I wish to be a dish. Fish! Eeeerrr... anyone got a rhyme for fish?

{Wee Bull blows out a puff of air. The crowd begins to scream rapidly.}

WEEBL: Damn you Wee Bull. You win this time.

{Fade to a message which reads "IN MEMORY OF WESLEY WILLIS (who wasn't a beat poet but he is dead)".}

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