Politics is the sixty eighth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 13th July, 2004

Summary: Seriously, can we stop letting Bob make these? Michael Moore is played by little firework.

Tune: Lovely Lovely Ladies - Bob Bobertson

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{George W. Bush is leaning backwards with a fox on top of him eating his face.}

BUSH: Help me! An angry fox is eating my face And it hurts A lot.

{A man appears on screen.}

MAN: Shoo fox, shoo.

{The camera pans out to show George W. Bush with his face eaten away and his skull showing.}

MAN: Phew.

BUSH: My face is gone! I can't blink!

MAN: It's ok though As you have no eyes.

BUSH: Phew That was a close ones I thought my eyes would dry out.

MAN: Phew.

{George W. Bush picks up a bowl of berries.}

BUSH: Now to eat these tasty berries. Argh! No mouth.

{The man turns to camera and a question mark appears by his face.}

MAN: If you have no mouth... How are you talking?

BUSH: Through my arses

MAN: Aah I didn't recognise you without your face. Hi Geroge W. Bush, President of the USA.

{Goes to the normal Bob ending of an epsiode.}

BOB: {off screen} I made this! For Michael Moore.

{Cut to the normal purple background with Michael Moore and Bob looking at the computer where Bob just made the episode.}

BOB: So what you think, Mike?

MOORE: I could have done with more berries.

BOB: {angry} It's all about the berries with you.

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