Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 11 is the eleventh in the series of Prawn To Be Wild adventure games.

Posted: 7th December, 2007

Plot Edit

IPB seems to have crashed landed on a strange planet. He uses a part of the broken rocket and a sock to disguise himself of "Keith", one of the space worms who has not turned up yet. The space worms gives him a ticket to the magic show, starring Magical Trevor. IPB goes to the magic show and volunteers to help Trevor with a trick of his choice. He chooses to be shrunk and climbs into Trev's pocket, where he finds a bird sitting on a set of keys for Trev's spaceship. IPB uses a condom and an inhaler to make a "worm" for the bird, who chokes on it and dies, allowing him to take the key. He uses the key to steal Trev's spaceship and leaves the strange planet.

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