Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 12 is the twelfth in the series of Prawn To Be Wild adventure games.

Posted: 14th December, 2007

Plot Edit

Insanity Prawn Boy crashes on the moon and decides he wants to have a wine and cheese moon warming party. Luckily, he finds a dehydrated wine and cheese party set, but needs to find water to use it. To do this, he needs to find a divining rod, but must first help some owls out of a tree they cannot get down from. Using the ashes of some former music stars, IPB creates a bomb, blows up the tree, and gets a divining rod to find some water. At the wine and cheese party, IPB meets his nemesis, Professor Carapace, who has been trying to get rid of him since the beginning of the series. After telling her that he enjoyed all the challenges she gave him, she forgives him, and gives him the keys to her moon buggy so IPB can find some more guests for the party. Finally, IPB meets the Toast King, and must recall the conversation they had in episode one of 'On the Moon'. They return to the party, with a poor selection of cheese.

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