Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 3 is the third in the series of Prawn To Be Wild adventure games.

Posted: 12th October, 2007

Plot Edit

After being taken home by Weebl and Bob, Insanity Prawn Boy escapes their shopping bag and confronts them. Weebl asks Insanity Prawn Boy to prove he isn't a pie by asking him how many fingers he's holding up, which is of course none. He is then faced with a physical challenge, find the TV remote because it is stuck on the animal channel. You can then explore their house and you can use the boat to travel to 'Monkey Island' which is a small island covered in sewage. The Monkey challenges you to an Insult Swordfight, in a homage to Monkey Island, after completion the monkey opens the cupboard. Insanity Prawn Boy goes through a portal in the cupboard which teleports you to an alternative dimension.

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