Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 7 is the seventh in the series of Prawn To Be Wild adventure games.

Posted: 9th November, 2007

Plot Edit

Insanity Prawn Boy lands in a familiar area - the Prawn Kingdom from Chapter 1. Many years have passed, and the prawns are dead, yet they survive as ghosts. The kingdom is in ruins, and overrun by squid. While Insanity Prawn Boy was away, the prawns decided making him king was a bad idea, and the ghost of the original king has retaken the throne. Insanity Prawn Boy wants to be king again, and the King agrees to let him on the condition that he do something about the squid first. With the help of the ghosts of the guards, the ghost of the pharmacist, the giant squid, and a narwhal, Insanity Prawn Boy is able to play the squids' favorite song - Axel F - and lead them pied-piper-style into a cave, which is then sealed with dynamite. However, Insanity Prawn Boy neglected to leave the cave before the explosion, and ends up sealed inside with the squid.

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