Prawn To Be Wild Chapter 9 is the ninth in the series of Prawn To Be Wild adventure games.

Posted: 23rd November, 2007

Plot Edit

Insanity Prawn Boy is on trial for murder. The first case is for murdering the king. He gets through by proving that the King is in fact "a fake ghost" The second murder accusation is of killing the Elephant in Weebl and Bob's apartment, and he gets away with it by saying he did it, but it was in an alternative universe and the judges says he has no jursdiction in other universes. The judges clear Insanity Prawn Boy of all charges, but still decree him as too dangerous to live. To save him from execution (by shouting squad) he pleads that he is insane, and so is administered 'The Insanity Test' - a game involving a series of surreal animations and pictures, with unclear methods of gaining or losing points. However the hell you get past that, the judge sends you to Black Country Mesa, an animal testing facility.

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