Quest is the forty second episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 14th August, 2003

Summary: Chris embarks on an epic quest to restore the honour of his dojo and return the stolen golden pie.

Tune: Tooty Tooty Toot Toot - weebl

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Sensei Carrotu is floating next to a sign that reads "Kung Food Dojo". Chris the Ninja Pirate bounces onscreen.}

SENSEI CARROTU: Ah, Chris the Ninja Pirate.

CHRIS: Avast ye Sensei Carrotu. 'Pon what matter be ye calling me here?

SENSEI CARROTU: We are dishonored. Someone has stolen the golden pie!

CHRIS: Blistering bo sticks!

SENSEI CARROTU: The clan must be avenged, so i call best student. But Ted the Ninja Astronaut busy. So was Gavin the Ninja Tennis Player. And Dave the Ninja Chef, and blind Stan, the ninja Goat Heard. So, i call you.

CHRIS: Yarr! i be greatly honoured!

SENSEI CARROTU: Yes. Great honour! First, you must put on suit behind you.

CHRIS: Yarr!

{Chris bounces offscreen and puts on ninja suit. Then bounces onscreen again.}

CHRIS: Avast! tis a bit tight.

SENSEI CARROTU: Oh yes. Very sexy. Erm, i mean, now you look the part. Now, go find the golden pie.

{Chris jumps offscreen.}

SENSEI CARROTU: That suit really show off his arse.

{Chris bounces onscreen at a jam riot.}

CHRIS: Yarr, just as I thought. You jams are always up to no good. Why ye be stealing the golden pie? You scurvy dogs!

JAMS: To fund our case. {Another jam} Freedom comes at a price. {Another jam} And that price is one golden pie. {Another jam} Or, 15 golden pies. {Another jam} And a voucher for 50p off your next purchase of golden pie.

CHRIS: Would you swap for an orange and pipe cleaners?

JAMS: What sort of pipe cleaners?

CHRIS: Ninja ones.

{Cut at a close up of a Ninja Pipe Cleaners box, a voice sings the product's name. Then, a "NEW" sign appers at the lower right corner.}

{Cut back to the normal view.}

JAMS: Deal. {Another jam} Sounds fair.

CHRIS: My work here is done.

{Screen fades out. Then, it fades in back at the Kung Food Dojo. Sense Carrotu is lying on the floor, bleeding. Chris falls onscreen, and looks at Carrotu.}

CHRIS: Sensei! I have returned the golden pie! Avast sensei, you be bleeding to be sure. {Bounces closer to the Sensei and grabs him} Who did this master?

SENSEI CARROTU: Cough... I slipped and fell on my katana playing Dance Dance Revolution.. With my last breath i request to be buried next to the cabbages... And could you clean my pipe?

CHRIS: I just gave the last pipe cleaners away!

SENSEI CARROTU: I knew i should have called Timothy the Ninja Librarian.

CHRIS: Surely pirate is better than librarian.

SENSEI CARROTU: You not seen...him...stack...books! ...uurghh {dies}

CHRIS: Noooooooooo! {Looks around, then licks Sensei Carrotu} Mmmm. Carrot juice!

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