Record is the ninety sixth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 25th October, 2005

Summary: Weebl tries to break a record but bob is a pain in the arse sometimes.

Tune: Wilmot Meets Lord Scruffage - The Sabres Of Paradise

Credits: Weebl, Skoo, and Sumo Dojo Cru

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: {singing} Toot toot toot! Toot toot toot!

{Bob rolls onscreen.}

WEEBL: {singing} toot toot toot!

BOB: Parp!

WEEBL: Parp I mean... aww mmnng... lady spuds!

WEEBL: {angry} Lo Bob.

BOB: Lo.

WEEBL: Nice of you to stop by and ruin my record breaking toot attempt.

BOB: Oh. Sorry. How manys did you do?

WEEBL: {thinks} errm.

NORRIS: {offscreen} Oh nine!

BOB: Who that?

WEEBL: Norris.

BOB: Ah. Lo Norris!

NORRIS: {off screen} sup?

WEEBL: So... my record attempts consist of nine toot.

BOB: Ooh! That is a lots. Is that the record where you get free pie for winning?

{Weebl looks at the rules and studies them.}


BOB: What is the prize?

{Weebl looks again.}

WEEBL: {mutters} I wish I could read better than 8 year olds... ahh! Go faster stripes!

BOB: Hot piss! Go faster stripes would rock!

{A speeding car noise is heard. In a spray of dust, Wee Bull with typeR go faster stripes on him appears next to Bob.}

{Wee Bull blows out two puffs of air.}

BOB: {jumps} Eek!

WEEBL: Damn you Wee Bull! You win this time!

BOB: Looks pretty sharp though.

WEEBL: Yes. Being sharp comes easy to our family.

{Wee Bull blows out a puff of air.}

WEEBL: I told you. I was only wearing that bra for support!

{Bob looks out in shock.}

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