Riot is the fifteenth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 14th August, 2002

Summary: Run for the hills! The jams are revolting! They fight for freeeeedom! Thanks to Skoo.

Tune: Break It Down - DJ Paul Nice

Credits: Weebl

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is standing next to the Jams. One is holding a picket sign saying "Free our Jam Brothers" and another is holding one saying "Overthrow the Government".}

WEEBL: Lo Jams.

JAM: Brother Weebl. Will you join us?

JAM: We fight for freedom!

WEEBL: Will there be pie?

JAM: No pie! Just honour.

WEEBL: Is honour like pie?

JAM: Well... um.... no.

WEEBL: No pie. No Weebl.

JAM: Titty biscuits. Well, got to dash. Overthrowing to do.

{The Jams slide offscreen.}

WEEBL: I only fight for 3.14 pies. Or cash equivalent.

{Fade to the Police HQ. A jar labeled "lemon curd" with a police hat on it is standing at the right of the screen. A similar, smaller jar slides onscreen.}

LEMON CURD JAR: Sarge. The Jams are revolting.

SARGE: Tell me about it. They're too sweet.

{They both laugh.}

LEMON CURD JAR: No, seriously. Especially Strawberry Jam.

{They both laugh.}

LEMON CURD JAR: They're nearly at the gates.

SARGE: Haha... oh. We don't have much time. Activate Satdefender 1.

{Cut to a hand with the index finger pointing out next to a machine with a button.}

SARGE: {offscreen} Hand Boy. Press the button.

HAND BOY: Oh boy. The moment I dreamed of.

{Hand Boy jumps up and presses the button.}

SARGE: {offscreen} How handy.

{Cut to space. a satellite deploys a dish-sized object down onto the planet. As it goes through the atmosphere, it begins to flame, shooting across the sky.}

{Cut to the Jams.}

JAM: Brothers. The time is at hand. Or lid.

{A shadow on the Jam continues growing and the sound of something falling continues to get louder.}

JAM: Ooh looks like rain.

{A huge pie falls on the jam.}

JAM: Mmmmmmmm. Pie.

JAM: Cooked to perfection.

JAM: We'll overthrow the government later.

{Fade to Weebl humming. Bob rolls onscreeen.}

WEEBL: Lo Bob.

BOB: Lo. The Jams have big pie.

WEEBL: What? But they said honour is not like pie.

BOB: There is no honour without pie! Shakespeare.

WEEBL: Blimey. Joining book club paid off then.

BOB: And how.

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