Show is the fourteenth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 8th August, 2002

Summary: The age old question finally gets addressed by the brainiacs...which pie is the best? Thanks to Skoo.

Tune: Deo - Amon Tobin

Credits: Jonti Picking

Transcript Edit

{Weebl has gray hair, glasses, and a tie..}

WEEBL: Since history began... man has asked the eternal question... what is the best pie? Tonight we answer that question... on the "Which Pie is the Best" show.

{"WHICH PIE IS THE BEST" appears on screen with a person singing each word as they appear}

WEEBL: Let's call assistant.

{A chicken with glasses appears from a puff of smoke.}

WEEBL: Blimey. You not assistant!

CHICKEN: I am the mysterious chicken. Fear my strange powers. Woooooo!

WEEBL: What are they?

MYSTERIOUS CHICKEN: Dancing and errr.... hiding things!

WEEBL: Strange powers indeed. I think you should leave.


{The chicken disappears in a puff of smoke.}

WEEBL: Let's call assistant.

{An applause is heard and Bob rolls onscreen with the same hair and clothes.}

BOB: Lo.

{A screen comes down.}

WEEBL: Tonight Dr. Bob will attempt to answer... the unanswerable. What is the best pie, Dr. Bob.

{Two pieces of meat appears on the screen.}

WEEBL: Is it beef pie?

{The screen then shows Wee Bull and it zooms in to show where the "beefs" came from.}

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Thank you.

BOB: No. Thank you.

{The screen then zooms back out. Graffiti appears on Wee Bull of a mustache, glasses, a sword in his neck, two male sexual things next to him, and a speech bubble saying "I AM A BIG POO HEAD". Fade to the credits, which scroll up from the bottom. After the credits roll, an ITC Indepentant Television Commission" complaint appears, reading as follows:


The ITC received a complaint about the show from a Mr W. Bull. He claims that the show was poorly researched and was unfair to him and his cow friends.

The ITC has upheld this complaint as we all prefer apple pie.

As a result Mr W. Bull has received substantial compenstaion from the makers of the show. The makers are quoted as saying: "Damn you Wee Bull. You win this time."}

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