Skoo (born Chris Vick on 2 May, 1980) is known for co-writing almost every episode of the Weebl and Bob cartoon series since 2002, and now (more commonly) for the Weebl's Stuff cartoons. His proper name was revealed on the Wobbl and Bob DVD documentary.

Skoo started out as a fan of Weebl and Bob, posting on the internet forums; when Jonti Picking (creator of the series) came online, and asked around on the website if anyone was willing to "help out with the scripts, or perhaps even animate a few things." Skoo put his name forward and gave Jonti a sample of his work. Jonti was absolutely thrilled by Skoo's idea, and from then on he has helped out with nearly every Weebl and Bob animation.

Skoo SpecialsEdit

Made when Jonti is too busy or ill to animate a Weebl and Bob episode,"Skoo Specials" are very well-known for their witty and sarcastic jokes, and random humour. All of these cartoons have been animated (very badly) and mainly voiced by Chris.


Sorry was released to the public on 10 January, 2003. Sorry was the very first Skoo cartoon and is perhaps the most well-known. Sorry is a parody of BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs; where Chris tries to tell the story of a Moon Dinosaur and a giant Space Bee.

Space MushroomsEdit

A young hero sets out on an expedition to Mars in search of the Space Cabbage. The cartoon was released on 2 April, 2004.


Chris tries to explain why Jonti Picking will be unable to animate for a while. The animation was uploaded on January 28, 2005.

Hat ShowEdit

David Hattenbourogh teaches us all about hats; and that they are an extremely significant piece of clothing. Hat Show is the most recent Skoo Special, as it was released on 9 June, 2006.

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