Sorry is the twenty-seventh episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 13rd January, 2003

Summary: Lasers, dinosaurs and bees. Just some of the reasons Skoo shouldn't be allowed to animate too often. Please make it stop.

Tune: Cheeky Girls??!! wtf

Credits: Skoo

Transcript Edit

{We start at a pink screen with the BBC1 logo drawn on it.}

SKOO: Good Evening, welcome to the BBC.

{Cut to the words "Walking Wiv Dinosores" with a stickman and a dinosaur on a leash under it.}

SKOO: This, is "Walking With Dionsaurs".

{Cut to a badly drawn dinosaur running.}

SKOO: Here we see a fine specimin of dinosaur inhabiting the earth's moon.

{Cut to a picture of the Earth next to its moon. A UFO flies by.}

{Cut back to the dinosaur.}

SKOO: We do not know why there is a dinosaur on the moon, but we feel it has something to do with giant space bees.

{Cut to a drawn Skoo next to a giant bee.}

SKOO: However...

{Cut back to the dinosaur.}

SKOO: As some of you may already know dinosaurs are extinct.

{The dinosaur dies.}

{Cut to the giant bee flying.}

SKOO: We can only conclude that eating bees is bad, as this archive footage will show.

{The dinosaur runs onscreen. Lasers come out of the bee, causing the dinosaur to catch on fire. The bee flies offscreen.}'

{Cut to the text: This clearly shows why Skoo is never allowed to animate again. We promise this will never happen again. Normal service will resume.}

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