Space mushrooms is the sixty first episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 2nd April, 2004

Summary: Skoo is back and this time he wants us to know about space mushrooms. On Mars, no less!

Tune: Chin2 - Jung-Hwa Ban Jum

Credits: Skoo

Transcript Edit

{An astronaut waves to the viewer as a man on fire runs back and forth behind him, eventually falling down. Cut to a chalkboard. The astronaut smokes a pipe while pointing to different spots.}

ASTRONAUT: {voiceover} Day one, I am stranded here on Mars with the enduring crew of my ship. We came to mars in search of space cabbages but thus far we have come up with nothing.

{The astronaut looks under a rock. Cut to another area of Mars. The astronaut is next to mushrooms and starts drooling.}

ASTRONAUT: {voiceover} Day four, food suplies were running very low. Fortuantly, after a quick search through our pilots lunchbox I find this huge bag of mushrooms. I'm saved, and the mushrooms are very tasty.

{Cut to random areas with the astronaut holding the mushrooms. He bumps into a round alien.}

ASTRONAUT: {voiceover} Day..........urm..... Day {gibberish}!!!! Wonderful day! Mars is beautiful! But best of all I've found it! I've found the space cabbage!

{The astronaut ends up in the mouth of an alien. The alien burps and passes out.}

ASTRONAUT: {voiceover} Day whatever, I may have made a mistake about the space cabbage. But at least I still have my precious mushrooms.

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