"Spoons" is the first episode of the popular online flash animation Salad Fingers. It introduces us to the protagonist and his fondness for spoons, but is notable because Salad Fingers' voice is different and less child-like than it is in later episodes. "Spoons" was released in 2004.


Salad Fingers introduces himself to us by explaining how he likes to touch rusty spoons, because they feel almost orgasmic against his salad fingers. Following touching a rusty spoon, he decides to set out and find "the perfect spoon".

Heading to a house, he rings the doorbell (and also strokes it) and is greeted by a young yellow child with no limbs that only communicates through screeches. Salad Fingers explains he has come to "enquire about [his] spoons", and asks where they are. Entering, he asks where the spoons are kept, but the child responds with another screech, prompting Salad Fingers to say he must leave, but not before corressing a rusty kettle on the side.

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