Australian astronaut, Strewth Irwin

Sporting an Akubra-style, corked helmet, Strewth is an Australian astronaut aboard the spaceship 'Fair Dinkum'. As his quote suggests, he appears trapped in his spaceship on the moon although the 'Fair Dinkum' cannot be seen in later episodes. He is accused by Sydney Mission Control of "touching up wildlife". Through some unseen method, Insanity Prawn Boy gets onboard the spaceship, prompting Irwin to declare that Insanity Prawn Boy is "a classic example of a Moon-based decapod". Upon deciding that Insanity Prawn Boy is to be barbecued in order to be taught a lesson for his cheekiness, he is informed by Sydney Mission Control that they forgot to pack a barbecue. In Episode Seven, he is spotted by Insanity Prawn Boy to have Prawn Boy's uncle, a squid, sucking on his crotch which he does nothing to stop even though he appears disgusted that the squid is Insanity Prawn Boy's uncle. Strewth's stereotypic Australian accent, his catchphrase "Crikey!", and his surname "Irwin" are presumably a reference to Steve Irwin.

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