Sweet is the ninety fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 7th October, 2005

Summary: Weebl and Bob have dealings with a naughty insect.

Transcript Edit

{Weebl is in front of a large pile of sugar.}

WEEBL: {singing} Uhh! Aaah! I got some sugars lump. Uhh! Huunngghh!

{Bob rolls in from right of screen.}

WEEBL: Lo Bob.

BOB: Lo. I see your sugars collection going well.

WEEBL: Yes. Soon I be living the dreams!

BOB: What dream that?

WEEBL: The dream where I have a lot of sugars.

{George W Buzz flies onscreen wearing a cap saying "beer".}

GEORGE: Hi! Hi. Yeah... I'm your... err...

{Weebl and Bob turn to look.}

GEORGE: New neighbour. I was wondering if I could borrow some sugar?

WEEBL: Why certainly!

BOB: Wait a mo's. How can we have a neighbours... since we don't live anywhere?

GEORGE: Did I say neighbour? I meant erm... err...

WEEBL: Uncle?

GEORGE: Yes. That's it! Hello. I'm your uncle and I need to borrow sugar.

WEEBL: Whose uncle?

GEORGE: Wrr... the small chap?

{George W Buzz points at Bob.}

BOB: Who? Verne troyer?

WEEBL: He is very small.

BOB: Like a mouse or a baby duck.

WEEBL: Aw. I love baby ducks!

BOB: I shall make a notes of that for christmas.

WEEBL: Please do.

BOB: I will.

WEEBL: Thank you.

BOB: No. Thank you!


WEEBL: Oh right. I think he mean you Bob.

BOB: Really?


{Bob turns around.}

BOB: But my chap not that small.

WEEBL: That not what kevin say.

BOB: {angry} And you can be quiet. Plus uncle exploded years ago!

GEORGE: Did I say uncle? I meant that I am... a.... that I am a...

BOB: President?

GEORGE: Yes. That will do! Erm... I am a president...

WEEBL: And our country needs our sugars?

GEORGE: Precisely!

WEEBL: Well why didn't you say so?

BOB: Anything for our country!

{George W Buzz flies over to the sugar.}

WEEBL: What country is this anyway?

GEORGE: No idea. I'm a wasp.

{George W Buzz starts to eat the sugar.}

BOB: Politics is so confusing!

WEEBL: Like a baby duck.

BOB: Alright. Alright I got the hint.

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