Team Laser Explosion is the sixty second episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 16th April, 2004

Summary: Mayor Haggar calls Team Laser Explosion in to save the world. To the skies! Mayor Haggar sprite by Mugen Boss

Tune: None

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{The TLE logo appears with a blast of fire on the screen. Weebl and Bob are standing next to a ringing phone.}

BOB: The hotline is ringing!

WEEBL: Answer it then Bob.


{We get a close up on Bob answering the phone. Weebl is in the background.}

BOB: Hello Mayor.

WEEBL: Who is it?

BOB: It's the mayor.


BOB: You want us to save you?

WEEBL: What does he want?

BOB: He want's to be rescued.

WEEBL: The mayor is in trouble?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: Again?

BOB: {angry} Yes.

WEEBL: To the skies!!

{A laser blast reveals Weebl sitting on a sledge whilst Bob is pulling it through the sky with his wings.}

WEEBL: Faster, Bob. faster!

BOB: Can't you fly yourself?

WEEBL: I don't do moving Bob.

{A flash of a laser and Weebl and Bob appear infront of MAYOR HAGGAR.}

WEEBL: Team Laser Explosion are here!

BOB: Yes.

{The TLE logo appears.}'

WEEBL: What is the wrong Mayor Haggar?

MAYOR: I've been kidnapped!

BOB: Holy dog toffee!

WEEBL: Indeed. Buy who would do such a dastardly deed?

{We scroll to the left to see Monkey in a super villian's costume}



{Fire Thunder Squad logo appears.}

WEEBL: Captain Thunderous Fire and the Pigeon. I should have known!

BOB: {quietly} their logo is better than ours.

WEEBL: To the skies!!

BOB: Shouldn't we save the mayor first?

WEEBL: Good thinking Boy Exploserous Laser. To the skies!! Where we will battle!



{Two blobs in the sky move around, hitting each other with the signified "blam" and "k-tchaaaw!" as they hit. We see Weebl in his sledge and Bob pulling it.}

WEEBL: Get them Bob!

BOB: Laser pelvis attack!!

{From out of Bob's belt comes four laser shots. Monkey, who is being carried by Pigeon, dodges each one.}

MONKEY: East on the claws, the Pigeon. projectile fire breath!

{Out of Monkey's mouth comes three large balls of fire, all of which Bob dodges.}

BOB: Laser pelvis attack!!

{More lasers come from Bob's belt, in which Monkey dodges. Suddenly they disappear.}

WEEBL: Where they go?

MONKEY: {off screen above them} Double poop attack!

{A large glob of poop lands on Weebl's head.}

BOB: They are using combo attacks Lord Laserous Explosion!

WEEBL: Cunning.

MONKEY: Now we have you! Thunder hat wobble attack!

{Nothing happens.}

WEEBL: Hah! Looks like you forgot your hat!

BOB: You can borrow mine.

WEEBL: Shh Bob!

BOB: Laser pelvis attack!!

{A laser is ejected from Bob's belt and hits something off screen}

PIGEON: {off screen} Sqwark!

WEEBL: Victory is mine.

BOB: Ours!

WEEBL: No Bob.

BOB: {softly} Wanker.

{From above, Monkey and Pigeon fall down to Earth.}

MONKEY: I'll get you next time, Team Laser Explosion!

{The TLE logo appears.}

MAYOR: Thank you Team Laser Explosion. You saved the day.

WEEBL: No problem Mayor.

BOB: We live to serve!

WEEBL: No. That's Napalm Waitress Force.

{Bob laughs with the Mayor and the TLE logo appears.}

WEEBL: What? What's funny?

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