Team laser explosion 3 is the eighty first episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 12th February, 2005

Summary: They’re back and they have a deadly new foe to face!

Tune: Chompy Chomp Chomp - Dirt Hat

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

WEEBL: And so I'm like "drop the package!" and he's like "I can't do that." So I shot him with my laser and you know what?

HANK: What?

WEEBL: He dropped it.

HANK: Wow. That's really brave.

BOB: Wait a minute. So that's why the postman won't deliver anymore!

WEEBL: He was an evil postman.

BOB: {whispering} Yeah, just like the evil milkman.

HANK: I have finished the new logo. let me show you.

{Cut to a flashy graphic showing the new TLE logo.}

BOB: Ooh that much better. Now we won't be shown up by our foes.

WEEBL: Me not like it.

BOB: Why not?

WEEBL: I think it should be a photo of me looking hot. With lasers firing out of me. and exploding!

HANK: You couldn't have said this last week when we started?

WEEBL: I draw a sketch to show you.

{Weebl writes with crayon on the back of Bob's will. He then presents the picture to Hank and Bob.}

WEEBL: Behold!

{Bob and Hank look shocked.}

WEEBL: I see its majesty leaves you speechless. Just take it in. Take it in.

BOB: What that it drawn on?

WEEBL: That not important. What is important is that we have a new logo.

BOB: But.

HANK: I'm not sure that.

WEEBL: Quiet you! You're not being paid to talk!

HANK: Talking of being paid when can I expect.

{A telephone rings.}

WEEBL: Silence! The laser hotline is ringing.

{The telephone is seen ringing.}

{Cut to Weebl, Bob and Hank.}

HANK: are you going to answer it?

{Zoom out to show the telephone.}

WEEBL: Yeah! Come on, Boy Exploserous Laser. Chop chop.

BOB: Oh for.

{Bob picks up telephone.}

BOB: Lo? It the mayor!

WEEBL: To the skies!

{Cut to the new Team Laser Explosion logo.}

{Cut back to Weebl, Bob and Hank.}

HANK: You're not seriously going to use that are you?

WEEBL: O course.

HANK: I can't take it anymore! Aah!

{Hank falls from the tree in an attempt to commit suicide.}


BOB: I think you need a higher branch.

HANK: You think?

{Zoom in to Weebl.}

WEEBL: To the skies!

{Weebl and Bob appear in front of the Mayor.}

WEEBL: What is the wrong mayor haggar?

MAYOR: Somebody's filled the town pool with fish heads.

BOB: But who would do such a thing?

{Zoom in to Monkey.}


{Cut to the Sarcasm Stealth Squad logo.}

{Cut to Weebl, Bob and the Mayor.}

WEEBL: El sharp tongue and a book! I should have known! We will stop you for we are:

{Cut to Weebl's Team Laser Explosion logo.}

MONKEY: Oh yes. That logo is soooooo goooood!

WEEBL: Why thank you. I made it myself.

BOB: I think he being sarcastic.

WEEBL: Shut up Boy Exploserous Laser. Let me talk to the nice man. Continue.

{Monkey, a book, Weebl and Bob are onscreen.}

MONKEY: I'm sorry. this whole sarcasm thing just isn't working out quite how I planned it. sorry about the pool.

{Weebl shoots laser at the book. The book burns.}

MONKEY: What was that for? It was only one day till his evil retirement!

WEEBL: Oh. I'm soooo sorry.

MONKEY: You're using sarcasm against me?

{Banana ship hovers shoots screen and Monkey jumps on.}

MONKEY: I'll get you next time, Team Laser Explosion!

{Cut to the Team Laser Explosion logo.}

{Cut to Weebl, Bob and the Mayor.}

BOB: And so the hunter became the hunted.

MAYOR: And I thought this was a job for the Irony Force 5!

{Bob and the Mayor laugh.}

WEEBL: Don't get it.

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