The monkey is a monkey bought by Weebl in cleaner. He is best known for his posh accent and messy habit. In the episodes anywhere and anyhoo, he boasts that he can go anywhere and is unstoppable, but in anyhoo Bob is correct when he suggests surrounding monkey with toilets, as that is what he notorious for not using. This could be in relation to the fact that monkeys cannot be house-trained. Major appearances include "Anywhere" "Anyhoo" and Team Laser Explosion (in the latter, he plays the main villains). He has been regularly shown wearing a large foam "We am de best" cowboy hat. Monkey appears as the Grim Reaper (in his own words "Death, stealer of pie") in the episodes art and halloween. He also portrays Santa Claus in an advent calendar short, as well as all the known villains of Team Laser Explosion. It was revealed in history 1 that his ability to speak English was caused by touching a large black monolith with his tail (a reference to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey). However, since the "History" series isn't necessarily part of the show's continuity, this could be false.

An alternative universe Monkey was seen in Prawn To Be Wild, this Monkey looked almost the same, but he was on the toilet all the time, unlike The Monkey.

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