Tle club is the sixty third episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 28th April, 2004

Summary: Its the marketing franchise of the century and you can be a part of it! Also starring Rob Manuel as the patsy.

Tune: Many Many Many

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Weebl and Bob are rocking on the normal purple background in their Team Laser Explosion outfits. From the right, two CHILDS roll on.}

WEEBL: Hey there childs!

CHILD #2: Lo.

WEEBL: Do you like secrets?

{The first child jumps next to the second child and whispers, before moving back.}

CHILD #2: Yes.

WEEBL: Do you like clubs?

CHILD #2: Yes.

WEEBL: Do you like violence?

CHILD #2: Yay!

WEEBL: And lasers?

CHILD #2: Yeah!

WEEBL:' And belts?

CHILD #2: Um...

{Cut to the message "WELL NOW YOU CAN HAVE ALL 4 WHEN YOU JOIN THEN" with a narrator speaking. The Team Laser Explosion Logo appears with the words "SECRET FAN CLUB" appearing later.}

{The screen fades up with Weebl and Bob appearing, the sun rising in the background.}

NARRATOR: Be just like your heroes, Captain Laserous Explosion and his side-kick Boy Exploserous Laser.

WEEBL: To the skies!!


{A large "BUT REMEMBER" appears, as the narrator says it. Then Bob appears in a spotlight.}

BOB: {softly} It's a secret.

{Two men appear sporting Team Laser Explosion Belts, blasting each other, the words for the song appearing below.}

SONG: Team Laser Explosion Secret Fan Club. Now when you join up you get a free laser belt!

{With that, one of the lasers goes into one man's eye.}

JONTI: Oooo.

{The Team Laser Explosion Belt appears with the sound of the Team Laser Explosion logo. The words "free when you join TLC secret fan club". Along the bottom appears "*Not suitable for use by any age group .... May contain small parts which when ingested cause vomiting for people with cat allergies. TLESFC are not responsible. Side effects may include death or dying. People with heart conditions will probably die, as will anyone else using the laser belt. The laser belt is machine washable." At the end, you can either print a Laser Belt or replay the episode again.}

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