A collection of six assorted badges to liven up your attire

The Store offers a collection of Weebl accessories.

Key Rings Edit

Key Ring Characters Included Description
Badger Keyring Badger Badger badger badger badger badger...keyring!! Keyring!! Jazz up your keys with this Badger Keyring! And they'll be so eye-catching, you'll never lose them again! Approx dimensions are 3.7cm x 5.7cm.
Crab Key Ring Crabs Attach this to your big bag of crabs!
On The Moon Key Ring Toast King and Insanity Prawn Boy This warm and lovely key ring is looking good...
Prawn Key Ring Insanity Prawn Boy PRAWN TO BE WIIIIIIIIILD!
Magical Trevor Key Ring Yellow Magical Trevor Never lose your cow again...
Weebl Jam Key Ring Jam and Weebl Bull Classic Key Ring.
Xmas Key Ring Reindeer, Cow, Magical Trevor, Weebl Bull, Bob Bobertson, Kenya Lion, and Kenya Tiger Festive Trinkets are always a winner.

Fridge Magnets Edit

Fridge Magnet Characters Included Description
Cat Face Fridge Magnet Cat Face Hey kids, stick this on your fridge full of tasty treats. Be sure to stock plenty of veg too, its good for the pooping, I know. Approx dimensions are 9.6cm x 6.6cm.
Magical Trevor Fridge Magnet Magical Trevor, Cow Where is the cow?.......In the fridge! Adorn your fridge with this super snazzy Trev Fridge Magnet! POW!! MAGIC FRIDGE!!
Blimps Fridge Magnet Blimp Man Everybody needs to get a blimp, 'coz blimps are pretty pimp! Or, if you can't afford an entire blimp, get the next best thing and buy a Blimp fridge magnet!
Crabs Fridge Magnet Crabs I've got a mouth full of fridge magnets!
Chris The Ninja Pirate Fridge Magnet Chris the Ninja Pirate Arg! Now you've got a kick-ass fridge full of booty!
HNF Fridge Magnet Honourable Ninja Farm residents Honourable Ninja Fridge Magnet San.
KenyaFridgeMagnet Kenya Lion, Kenya Tiger, and Giraffes Where can you find Lions? On yer fridge!
Magical Trevor Fridge Magnet Magical Trevor Orange -The colour of beans!
WaB Fridge Magnet Weebl Bull and Bob Bobertson Put the cool back into your pastry by sticking one of these on the fridge.
Xmas Fridge Magnet Magical Trevor, Cow, Weebl Bull, Bob Bobertson, Kenya Lion, and Kenya Tiger Ho-Ho-Ho! Christmas Pie in your fridge.

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