Tv is the forty seventh episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 16th October, 2003

Summary: Ever wondered what gets watched on TV in Weebl land? Here's your chance to find out!

Tune: 68 Pie - Banana Overlord

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Weebl and Bob watching a music video on TV. Weebl is singing along.}

WEEBL: I, I got 68 pie. I, I got 68 pie. Boom! Tish! A 68 pie!

BOB: Catchy.

WEEBL: Cheers!

{The TV switches to the programme Married with Jellyfish.}

WEEBL: Ooh, my favorite show.

ANNOUNCER: Married with Jellyfish is filmed before a live studio audience.

{Cut to front of TV, where we see Donkey (wearing a wig) and Chris the Ninja Pirate in a living room.}

CHRIS: Yarr.

{Audience laughs.}

CHRIS: 'Twas a tough day today. 'Tis murder 'pon the high seas being a pirate... you said a mouthful.

{Audience laughs.}

{Two jellyfish float on screen.}

JELLYFISH: Jelly, jelly, jelly! Jelly, jelly!

CHRIS: The kids are home.

{Audience laughs.}

{Cut back to Weebl and Bob watching TV. The channel switches to "pi" TV}

WEEBL: I can't watch anymore.: It reminds me of donkey.

ANNOUNCER: "When Clowns Attack" is on next after the break.

WEEBL: Ooh, my favorite show.

BOB: But you said last show was your favorite.

{TV switches to an advert.}

AD GUY: Itchy scrote? Flakey skin? Weird musty smell in your pants? Then why not try washing. Now with water ("water" is echoed) And Soap!

WEEBL: This is my favorite show.

BOB: It not even a show. It an advert. I can't take it anymore.

{Bob then jumps directly into the TV screen, breaking the screen and rendering him unconscious.}

WEEBL: Ooh, the bottom of Bob. This is my favorite show.

{Scene ends, then returns a few second later, with Bob still unconscious.}

WEEBL: Wait. This a repeat.

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