Wedding is the forty sixth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 6th October, 2003

Summary: It's the wedding of the decade as Chris finally ties the knot with the glamourous blushing bride, Donkey.

Tune: The Wedding March - Queen

Credits: Weebl and Skoo

Transcript Edit

{Bob, Chris the Ninja Pirate, Donkey and Mr. Teeth are all standing together for a wedding.}

BOB: Me love weddings.

MR TEETH: Who gives donkey away?

BOB: I give donkey away.

MR TEETH: You the father?

BOB: No. Her dad in prison. He in for worrying sheep.


BOB: He said green grass was people.

MR TEETH: Really?

BOB: I know. I thought grass was baby tree.

CHRIS: Avast bob. Still thy tongue fore I cut ye. I be trying to get married.

WEEBL: {off screen} Stop!

BOB: We not at that bit.

WEEBL: Oop. Sorry.

MR TEETH: Who gets donkey then?

CHRIS: I do.

MR TEETH: Anyone got a problem with that?

BOB: Weebl. Now!

WEEBL: {off screen} Oh. Right. Stop.

{Pan left to show Weebl in wedding gear.}

WEEBL: This marriage is a sham. Mr. Teeth is not a real vicar!

GIRL: {off screen} You dont say!

WEEBL: He.... is a dentist.

CHRIS: Yarr! Dentists be allowed to marry ye if ye have fillings.

WEEBL: Really?

BOB: Yes.

WEEBL: How interesting. Anyway. Donkey love me!

CHRIS: Be this true donkey?

{We zoom in on Donkey to find her answer.}

CHRIS: Yarr! The wench be mine.

WEEBL: Donkey!

CHRIS: Now hush. 'Fore our wedding pie gets cold.

WEEBL: Oooh. At reception?

CHRIS: Yarr.

BOB: Yes.


WEEBL: Can I come?

BOB: You the best man.

WEEBL: You may kiss the bride. Let's go!

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