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Jonathan "Jonti" Picking, otherwise known by his Internet pseudonym Weebl (born 17 May, 1975, Doncaster, England) is the creator of the Weebl's Stuff website.

His movies are known to repeat in constant loops and make very little sense; the majority of them also feature a catchy tune with equally silly lyrics. He does most of the voices in his animations himself, and several feature himself in live action, including Haricots Verts, Chutney, Boogie, CAMRA, Stockmarket, We Are Mature, the Weebl and Bob episodes DJ and Safety, and the fourth On The Moon episode.

Jonti is a trained sound engineer and artist, and has also worked 3D visual effects on the movie Resident Evil. Weebl's Flash animations are known to employ advanced visual effects and the latest Flash features.

In 2003, he made several advertisements for Anchor Butter in the style of his Weebl and Bob animations, but featuring cows. These were broadcast in the UK. The television program Totally Viral on UKTV G2, consisting of video clips and cartoons from the internet, has an animated title sequence and links made by Jonti. Jonti set up his own production company called Sumo Dojo, which he has since left to set up Weebl's Stuff Limited.

He is also an admitted fan of Elvis, Wesley Willis, and used his music in the cartoon Merry Christmas. He is Lactose Intolerant.

Together with Rob Manuel, as Weebl and Chums, he released a mini-album Pure Yak Frenzy consisting of various tunes and earworms created by one or both of them. Most of these tracks gained popularity on the Internet (usually accompanied by a Flash animation) before being released on CD.

Picking married Sarah Darling (a radio presenter on the station Xfm) on the 31st March, 2007.

It's unknown if he has siblings

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