An average episode of "Weebl & Bob"

The Everyday Happenings of Weebl (and Sometimes Weebl's Friend Bob) (best known as Weebl and Bob) is the most popular and frequently updated toon in the site. The first episode, pie, is also the most viewed toon on the website.

Episodes Edit

See Toons#Weebl & Bob for a full list of episodes.

A typical episode starts with Weebl on a purple background, sometimes singing. Bob would come in later in the toon. There is usually music playing throughout the toon and, especially in the earlier episodes, it would loop with the toon. The music used to be from other sources, but now, they're usually original.

There have also been exclusive episodes for the Advent Calendar, DVDs, MTV show, and Cadbury's Creme Eggs commercials.

Characters Edit

See Weebl & Bob characters for all of the characters

The stars of the series are Weebl Bull and Bob Bobertson, as shown by the title, though, many other characters show up throughout the series.

MTV Edit

MTV Europe also airs the series as Wobbl and Bob in order to prevent conflict with Hasbro's popular Weeble toys. In addition to the current episodes, they have shown some produced just for them, listed here in order of appearance.

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