Worms is the first in a series of films about an upperclassman.

Posted: 8th August, 2003

Summary: Old Edwardian film. Honest.

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{A crackly screen says "At Home with the Feathering-Walthamstones". Fade to Lord Peter Feathering-Walthamstones at his house.}

FEATHERING-WALTHAMSTONES: Good day to you one and all. I am Lord Peter Feathering-Walthamstones.

{A giant worm appears from the top-right.}

FEATHERING-WALTHAMSTONES: Welcome you all to Feathering-Walthamstones manor. As the more astute of you may have noticed...

{The worm leaves the screen and another one appears from the top of the screen.}

FEATHERING-WALTHAMSTONES: I have just dropped a, not insignificant amount of acid.

{The worm leaves the screen and yet another appears from the left.}

FEATHERING-WALTHAMSTONES: Now if you join me as we walk through to the drawing room...

{The worm leaves the screen then other ones appear from the bottom of the screen and from behind a chair.}


{Feathering-Walthamstones falls downs.}

FEATHERING-WALTHAMSTONES: Oof! Sorry. I thought my legs had turned to wood.

{Fade to the same crackly screen as the one from the beginning saying "Next Week: Heroin: Harbinger of Doom"}

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